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Difficult Tren Vial


Ok so I started a tren a and test prop cycle like half an hour ago,it is my first cycle...yayaya no tren first cycle ik ive heard it all,I have a major question tho,the tren was very difficult to pull out of the vial and into the syringe,I pushed a ml of air into the vial then treid to draw back a ml of tren and nothing came out i had to sit there and push the stopper up and down to finally start slowly milking the tren out....How do i fix this?


Put the vial in a glass of hot water before drawing. Also, if you are drawing with a 25g or smaller needle, that makes things very difficult. I do all of my drawing and injections with a 23g, but some guys like to go with an even larger bore.


Thanks alot man, I'll definetly try that,theres no risk in getting the tren to hot tho and somehow messing it up in the process?




??? Tren to hot?? The homemade recipes all call for time in an oven at like 250 degrees


Yup, i draw with a green (21), shoot lower body with a blue (23) and upper body with a orange (25).


I draw and shoot with 23's now a days.

Just warm the oil, and have some patience.


its worked pretty good it takes a while but i dont mind that,its a 25 gauge pin so it was pretty difficult to get it out when it wasnt warm but now it works alot better...so far im 3 pins in i started tren at 100mg eod and prop at 50mg eod and i decided the prop was way too low so im running 100mg of each every other day,no sides yet at all from either of them,ive been sleeping like a freakin baby,no sweating,no coughing,no acne from the test can't wait to see what a couple weeks brings me in terms of gains...thanks guys


25g pin is the source of your difficulty.

I highly recommend ED injections of EOD for both of these compounds, especially tren. But I'll bet you know that already.


Ya i do know that...i might switch to that in a few days i just need to get more pins because i dont mind the injections at all actually...one more question (sorry i know i've asked alot haha),is test prop and tren on a bulk not a good idea?I've been reading up and it seems like everyone that tries to bulk on this cycle stops and turns it into a cutter because they dont think its working that well,I can easily change my cycle to a cutter but right now I figured what the hell its gonna be winter time i dont even care if i have abs,but if I'm just wasting my time bulking with the wrong compounds i will switch it in a heartbeat


I draw tren with slin pins. I think you have low quality stuff. Takes less than one minute to fill up .35ml.

Seriously slin pins are a godsend to AAS administration.


I personally find test/tren a wonderful combination for bulking. I hear of some having appetite suppression issues with tren, but I've certainly never experienced anything like this.


well just from reading around I saw some guys didnt really think they gained that much weight just that they got alot harder muscles and separation and it definetly takes less than a minute to load the pin i don't think I have low quality stuff just the first time i really didnt know what i was doing,today i really noticed the extra strength in the gym and it feels awesome


On changing your goal of bulking to cutting halfway during a run due to any factor is.. just backwards.

It is a backwards way to approach physique training and shows a fundamental lack of understanding as to working towards a goal and the whole POINT of bulking and cutting in the first place (terms that are massively overused and misunderstood on 'bodybuilding' sites IMO).


Ik this and I'm only a week into a 9 week cycle, I wouldnt try and do that halfway through


I do apologise, i can't think where i got the impression you were thinking of changing the goal mid way through.. sorry bro.


no problem brook,you and cortes have been helpin me out from the beginning and I thank you guys for that


just a quick update,im 9 days into my cycle and i've gained 11 pounds....but im chubbier than when i started and i can't really see any gains at all to be honest and i havent gotten any sides from anything, I mean it doesnt look like i put on 11 pounds of fat but it doesnt look like i gained an ounce of muscle either and i really have only noticed better strength in the gym on one occasion and I'm thinking that could easily be from eating almost 4000 calories a day I'm hoping my source is as reliable as i thought he was


Chalk up a few pounds to water weight.

Can't really comment on much else with out 2 sets of pics but IME you'll 'feel' the prop after 2 weeks. What about your libido and energy?

I'm only on my first run with tren right now, and only a few days in, so I really can't say how its working for me yet.


well to put it simply I looked alot better before i started than how I look right now haha energy is good tho but I still thought I would at least notice something 10 days in