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Different ways to take creatine?

What are some of the different ways everyone has taken creatine other than the normal spoon, stir and drink? What type/flavor creatine did you use and how did it taste?


actually i prefer a fork.

I used the vet stuff they sell for horses. It didn’t taste like anything. Sure it wasn’t 100% super micronized stuff but it was 1/4 the cost and so you could afford to take more to make up for it.

At least you aren’t drinking that liquid protein they had out in the late 70s. That shit was terrible, but I got that down too.

What are you, a man or a mouse? Buck up and drink fast.

Snort it, makes me look real cool at parties when I pull out 2 lbs tub of white powder.

I have some stuff that’s taseless - musashi growling dog.

I pour a little light cordial about 1cm into a mug, chuck in the creatine and top up with water.

Since it has no taste only the look puts me off but it tastes just like cordial and water although it’s a bit grainy.

I did have some shite that tasted absolutely foul it almost made me vomit. But same advice blend with cordial and slam it down extra quick.

Apparently there are creatine pills out. I spoke to a coach at my gym takes them, and so do his athletes.

Topicly, dermal absorbtion as the way to go, man!


I do the usual spoon and stir when I’m on it. I just wanted to find out if people combined it with anything else.

Anyone tried free basing it yet?

I once took a spoonfull and dropped it in my mouth and washed it down with water. That was nasty and dry as shit.

Dude PGA do a search, this has been dicussed before. (people are making fun of you)

Heat it until it is in liquid form and inject it.

Dude like no way!
Is there a problem with revisiting a subject?

Barbequed, and it tastes like steak.

yes there is when it happens once a week.

I was just kidding about the injecting creatine thing. I use Cell-Tech(good flavor) right now but, I’m switching to Vitargo by Nutrex. It has almost none of the glucuse/maltodextrin that the cell-tech has. I prefer it in the powder/mix with water form but I have taken the capsules, too.

Alot of morons on this forum.

Creatine capsules suck on the grand scale. Adding a simple sugar to creatine spikes insulin levels and increases uptake ie.grape juice, then products like phsopagen hp, cell tech. Ionized creatine makes for better absorbtion and effervescent creatine also helps to an extent in that degree. Biotest used to put out a product called ribose-c that worked well in alot of “creatine non-responders” (maybe they still do). As for rescent advances, products like swole, v-12, and a few others seem to work for just about everybody I’ve met. That’s assuming they are drinking enough water. BTW swole taste Horrible IMO, V-12 has a Strong taste but isn’t so bad.

Creatine capsules suck because it needs to be dissolved before you ingest it. This has been known for at least ten years. Twinlab was the only one I remember who used to put it in capsules, the dummies.

all I use is regular powder form. I take a spoon, shovel the shit in my mouth, then use either apple or grape juice to chug it down the hatch…screw the kool-aid creatine shit.