Different Way to Do Anaconda Protocol 2?

I was hoping to get some feedback on how I have been instructed to take Anaconda Protocol 2. Wondering if anyone else has done it this way. It seems a bit odd to me, but the guy who told me to take it this way knows his stuff. But here it is.

I take my shot of GPC 90 minutes before my workout. Mix two scoops of Anaconda with 1,000 ml. water and start drinking it about 15 minutes before working out and finish by the end of the workout. As soon as I am done with my workout, I drink one scoop of MAG-10 and one scoop of Workout fuel with 1,000 ml. water. I drink that in 10 minutes after working out.

The part that seems strange to me is drinking “workout fuel” after working out. It is advertised as helping a person power through their workouts, but I am drinking it after my workout.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I want to make sure I am getting the most from my supplements and workouts.

[quote]bdiddy5522 wrote:
I was hoping to get some feedback on how I have been instructed to take Anaconda Protocol 2.[/quote]
Really quick: What this guy is suggesting is not “a different way to do the Anaconda Protocol 2”, it’s a different way to use Surge Workout Fuel, MAG-10, and Anaconda.

The Anaconda Protocol 2 is a pre-designed plan using particular supplements at particular times. You wouldn’t say, “I have a new way to bake chocolate chip cookies. First you bake plain sugar cookies, and then you eat a handful of chocolate chips.”

Do you know if he knows exactly what’s in each of the supplements?

I wouldn’t say that’s a “wrong” or “bad” plan, it’s just really not efficient. Anaconda before/during training - Great idea. MAG-10 after training - Not a terrible idea. SWF after training - Not really sure why, because things like the beta-alanine, citrulline, and specialized carb formula are meant to help push your body through the demands of the actual workout as it’s going on.

Your instinct is right on the money.

Surge Workout Fuel works best before and during training. Surge Recovery would be a better post-workout formula, because it has different ingredients (but even that works great during, instead of post). I’d double-check that he’s not confusing the two of them.

Thank you for your help Chris. Yes, he is very familiar with what is in each of the supplements. He actually is a guest author for this site. Here is his explanation of why I am taking the supplements in this way:

“The idea is to force your body to perform without sugar in your bloodstream so that it must adapt to consuming stored fat for energy. Hitting carbs immediately afterward allows for recovery. On slower paced strength days you can do the workout fuel during the workout because the metabolic demand won’t be enough to really accomplish much as far as aerobic fat metabolism”.

I should also mention (because I feel it is important for readers to know) that I eat a very clean diet. I mostly eat a paleo diet. Saturday is a bit of a cheat day for me, and I do a 24 hour fast on Sunday. As of two years ago, I was a fat out of shape piece of shit and weighed 285 lbs. I am now down to 190 and working my ass of at the gym.

Again, more thoughts in light of this additional information is appreciated.