Different types of test

I am a new Persoanl Trainer/strength coach. I am looking for some things to time and measure, so I can have some proof my athletes are getting strong and quicker. I already plan on doing vertical jumps and 40 yard times. Does anyone know of any test to perform on athletes that can give you a good indicator of side to side speed and any other types of speed. Please include any agility test or anything that indicates that an athlete has become quicker, stronger, and more powerful. I plan on doing 1RM in certain lifts as well. Thanks for any help. Even other websites or articles in here would be greatly appreciated. I have read some of John Davies articles. Thanks to all who respond. Peace.

Check out current issue of intensity magazine and/or just email Coach Davies directly. He provides excellent answers as long as you ask succint to the point questions as he gets 400-600 emails a day.

As Jason noted, I am always pleased and honored to help. With regards to your question, there are many tests you need to use to assess agility. I think you should consider using the pro-agility, L and the 60 yard shuttle from both a self-start and reactive manner. I hope that assists. In faith, Coach Davies

Like Coach Davies, I would say the pro-shuttle, the L drill, or various step patterns on the foot ladder. That’s just naming a few.