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Different Types of Ephedra?


Spartans, I need some help regarding Ephedra.. Alot of products have different names for Ephedra.. There is ephedra herb powder, Ma huang, ephedra nevadensis, ephedrine, ephedra hcl and so on.. Are they just different names of the same thing or do they have different levels of effectiveness???

I bought a fat burner called Yellow Bullet that has 'Ephedra Extract (25 mg EPHEDRA NEVADENSIS)'. Does this ephedra extract of 'ephedra nevadensis' have legit fat burning properties? I read it has no alkoids does that mean its not an effective form of ephedra. I'm getting conflicting data on Google. I feel like a fiend going to wal-mark and buying bronkaid lol.. Anyone have experience with Yellow Bullet?