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Different traning

Is it a good idea to incorperate olympic lifitng into your years training. if this sounds confusing ill explain.

since there are 52 weeks in a year that is 4 12 weeks training sessions with 4 breaks.

12- 12 weeks super strength type training (no clue what its called)
24- EDT
36- Olympic

Will this give u an all-around type of strength? i know i probally sound stupid but im just trying to schedule myself for this spring and summer.

Most people who use OL or variations of (hang, from blocks etc) incorporate them as part of their normal schedule generally on a leg day or hip dominant if using Ian King split.
That said, CT has a 12 week OL beginners program in his upcoming book which no doubt a fair few will ‘give a crack’.

I incorporate olympic lifting throughout the year. It’s a lot of fun and adds variety. laters pk

Christian’s HTT program incorporates olympic lifts, it was posted on the forum

Depends on what type of EDT you’re doing.

24 Weeks of working hypertrophy style (starting with 5reps of your 10RM) will not make you any stronger.

At least, not nearly as much as a lot of other things could.