Different TMs for Leader and Anchor Cycles

Changing TM to 90% of 1RM at the start of Anchor Cycle after having done two Leader cycles @ 85. Is it fine?

Increase TM as written in all the books.
Start the new program with appropriate TM.

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Only ever increase your TM by the prescribed amounts of 5 lbs for upper body lifts and 10 lbs for lower body lifts. The only time you should really “change” your TM other than increasing it the base amounts is if you are decreasing after a TM Test and you cannot hit your TM for 3-5 reps.

Your anchor probably has jokers and PR sets so there isn’t a real need to, even if your program allows an 85-90% TM.

That said, if you feel barspeed won’t suffer it’s likely fine.


To what end?

Reasoning behind this?

I just find it better to aim for PRs with 90% TM

Edit: Also hitting couple of Joker sets close to my true 1RM during third week get super fun.

From Jim himself.

"Once you’ve been using 531 for a while you should get to a point where your training max ™ doesn’t have a direct correlation (percentage) with your actual max. The 90% rule was the recommended starting point, Beyond 531 may mention 85% or 80% or whatever but the bottom line is you manipulate your TM based on current training goals, current programming, current level of strength, etc. There is no hard rule for your TM. In my opinion the more progress you can achieve out of a low TM the better. "

Re read the last line over and over until sunken in.

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