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Different Thickness of Surge Flavors

I have tried the original flavor, hated it at first, then grew to like it.

I just ordered some vanilla Surge to try it out, thinking it would be similar. The flavor is kind of similar but when mixed completely with water, the consistency is thicker.

Makes it tastes completely different to me, and really crappy. It feels like I’m drinking gravy.

Would it be the higher protein content compared to the original that makes it thicker?

I was wondering if raspberry and chocolate are the same consistency as vanilla when mixed with water?

Raspberry and the original are different formulations and have the same consistancy. Chocolate and vanilla are reformulated according to Biotest, it has near triple the BCAA content so that may be why. I agree with you though, I’m not a big fan of the vanilla. The original flavor will forever be my fav.

Raspberry is thin and I dunno about chocolate.

Raspberry is good, you should try it :slight_smile:

I still <3 original though.

What does the “original flavor” taste like in Surge ? I wish there were individual servings to purchase and taste before committing to a jug of the stuff! What about Metabolic Drive? What’s the best flavor?

Original flavor tastes like Angel Food Cake.

For the vanilla or chocolate- add in more water to thin it out. JB himself suggest 24 oz of water for a standard 3-scoop serving. (bottle says 16 oz).

Original and raspberry consistency is the same as water once the foam subsides.

Chocolate tastes absolutely amazing.