Different Testosterone for Athletes on TRT?

Wondering if there is a scientifically backed, or anyone has anecdotal reasons, for specific types of testosterone for athletes on trt ?

I have hypermobility and often injure my wrists knees and shoulders
Have ongoing shoulder issues I am trying to resolve, and have had multiple fractures and breaks in fingers, toes and wrists.
I am hoping to at the very least negate some of these issues.

I have ran cycles before but as I’m a bit older and my free and total levels aren’t what they were, even after correct pct and time off, so iv been able to get a prescription.

Im all ears if there is any other advice for starting out on trt?

My prescription hasn’t been finalised yet, I’m just after any other ideas of what I might need to address with my doctor on top of previous mentioned queries

Pro athletes or just amateur athletes? Pro athletes most likely cycle and theyre not allowed to be on TRT. So there is no special formula for them.

Not sure exactly what you’re asking. Like is there a special TRT for athletes? You can get a TUE for test but each organization will have different limits to what your TT can be or what you can take.

If you just mean should athletes take more test than non-athletes, I don’t think so. Maybe run your TT on the higher side of the range for a bit of a boost?

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This is what I do. I figure that if I am going to blast and cruise, I will run 200 mg/wk even though 150 mg/wk gets me to pretty good levels. I go from being a bit under the top range for free T to a bit above it. I won’t do this indefinitely. Just during this phase of life where I want to look and be strong.


Ha, I do the same thing. 140 → 240mg in the summer (full blast in the winter). Just wanna look a little fuller & energized for the warm weather. Oxandrolone gets sprinkled in here and there. Rest of the time I’m back to 140mg

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I am cutting atm which is hard for me as I don’t have good focus. I am like abs for a week, then I am like it sucks getting weaker, and I start eating more.

To play a trick on myself, I am telling myself that if I can get down to 190 lbs, I will allow a mini blast of Tbol at 40 mg/day for 4 weeks to put the muscle back on.

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