Different Tempo's for overall strength

I’ve been doing alot of thinking about different tempos. I’m not sure whether this would work or not but its one of my theories. If somebody were to train for all speeds and have to use different weights because of the different speeds, wouldn’t this increase your overall strength? I dont think it would necessarily be great for increaseing strength in one lift like bench press or squat, but i think it would be great for athletic performance, because your muscles are required to move at all speeds. Maybe something like this.
squat- 6x3-20X
romanian dead- 6x3-20X
front squat- 5x2-10/0/X
leg curl- 5x2-10/0/X
close grip speed bench-6x3
speed chin ups-6x3
incline press-5x4-2/1 technique 40X
seated row-5x4-2/1 technique 40X
bench- 1 timed 40 sec set, 40%1RM, as many reps as possible
row- same as bench
speed squat- 6x3
speed deads- 6x3
hack squat- 5x4- 2/1 technique-40X
leg curl- 5x4-2/1 technique- 40X
time leg curl- 1x40 sec, AMARP
timed back extension- 1x40sec, AMARP
incline bench- 6x3-20X
pullup- 6x3-20X
bench press- 5x2-10/0/X
chin up- 5x2-10/0/X

I think something like this would be great for overall relative strength and athletic ability. Different weights and different speeds, just like sports. Anybody have opinions??? I’d love to discuss this stuff.