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Different Techniques for Deadlifts

Hi, so i first learned my deadlifts from a renowned olympic lifting coach.
After a couple of months he told me that i was doing an “olympic lifting deadlift” ( the one he tought me)

I start with my hips fairly high, i first straighten out my legs and than do a hip hinge, so my back takes over the weight after my legs are sort of straight. This feels good, but since i now understand there is another technique, apparantly the powerlifting technique(?) i try to work on that one.

By the way i dont do any olympic lifts, just powerlifting. Therefore i want to learn the “other” deadlifting technique.

But when i try this one: (Start with lower hips and engage my back from the beginning and i believe i am using my quads instead of my hamstrings) I can lift way less weight.

I am thinking its because i am just used to the other technique and my hamstrings are fairly strong compared to my quads now, every session i try to do all my warm up sets with the “powerlifting technique” but every workset when things get heavy for me my muscle memory takes over and i automatically start doing the olympic technique. I also dont really feel like the powerlifting deadlift is catching up, the weight feels heavy really soon (@ low poundage) and this doesnt seem to change.

Any thoughts on the difference, which one is better, if it matters, if its normal etc?

[quote]Respeezy wrote:
Any thoughts on the difference, which one is better, if it matters, if its normal etc?[/quote]

The one that helps you meet your goals fastest is best :wink:

The “powerlifting” deadlift (of which there are a million different variations) is going to most likely allow you to move the most weight.

The “olympic lifting” deadlift, which is probably more like a clean pull, which would be less about lifting the most weight off the ground and more about setting you up well for the second pull.

However, my personal take is, do whichever you prefer and keep getting stronger at it without injuring yourself.

Video of both.

I’m thinking he taught you a stiff leg deadlift. Contrary to the name, your legs aren’t completely straightened out.

I don’t get how or why this would be called the ‘olympic’ DL.

All the olympic cleans and snatches start with the hips low