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Different Sustanon 250 Blends

So, I was in a bind last week after losing the last half of my gear to an act of God (read prior post) and in a panic of sorts had to find some gear away from my hometown (well I am originally from there) The guy was legit, I’m still talking with him via phone and text, he was knowledgeable and seemed sincere. I dont believe he is out to dupe people with fake gear. Now, the Sustanon 250 I bought off of him has this blend. 50 mg deca 100 mg prop 50 phenylprop and 50 mg Enanthate. This differed from the blend in my previous vial in that the new one has Enanthate in place of isocaproate and the prop dosages are higher.

When scouring the internet in Hope’s of shedding light on this I found nothing. Once again, I do not believe I am being scammed as I’m still in contact with this person, have seen him more than once, I saw his huge stash and just general vibes and not to mention he was clearly yolked af and on gear. So! In closing, what are your guys thoughts on this? Its labeled as sust 250, it has lot numbers, serial numbers exp dates, it was sealed, all that was official. Custom blend perhaps? I read somewhere that enanthate would actually be a better choice of ester in the sust mix instead of the iso bc it’s a more quality ester. Ok I’ll shut up now, thoughts?

Sustanon is a brand as far as I know so I don’t think that is sustanon

All the sustanon information I have seen in various Countries contains same content

I am talking about sustanon 250

Right. So what’s your best guess as to what I’m dealing with? A custom blend that some company decided to call Sust 250? What do you think about the mix? Do you want more info on what it is exactly that I have?

That’s an interesting blend. Because it’s so heavily loaded with prop you may need to pin that one more often, otherwise those peaks and troughs will be brutal.

Here’s what it looks like pinned e3d:



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Hmm, 8ts been a while since I’ve dissected a graph, but is that saying I should pin every day?!! Yikes. Right now im doin every 3 days. Can you explain those graphs a little to me?

A quick glance at the break down of the mix it seems like you pretty much have a bottle of prop.

EOD should be fine

This kind of discussion is exactly why I’m not a fan of Sustanon. What you have is kind of a flaky mess of mix .
The Prop has a half life of ~ 1 day (so you’re going to get a hit from it very quickly)
The Phen has a little bit longer half life of ~ 1.5 days
The Enanthate provides ~ 5 days of half life followed by
The decanoate giving a half life of ~ 8 days

Unfortunately your gear is most heavily weighted with Prop so in order to deliver the most even delivery I would agree with @zeek1414 and pin no less than EOD.

Almost forgot to add the good news…at least the Prop delivers the most T on a mg/ml basis…so you’ve got that going for you.

It just illustrates the highs and lows of various pinning schedules. Obviously ED gives you the most steady levels whereas e3d gives you wild fluctuations. It wasn’t meant to make you change anything, but just as a sort of visualization of why blends are a major pain to work with.

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So with that being said, considering that I bought this bottle bc halfway through my SP labs sustanon the top came off and It all leaked out, and knowing that that bottle had the normal ester mix. What would you say about my situation? I was EO3D, and now I have this mix with the test E replacing the iso, and the deca/prop levels swapped. Is everything lost? Or will I be ok in a week or so? (I’ve already done 3 shots=1.5 weeks

You’ll be fine. You’ll potentially have some swings in e2, but realistically you’ll be fine and won’t notice the fluctuations.

What would that “feel like” you think? What are the reported side effects of test level fluctuation?

The odds are you won’t notice much of a difference at all…potentially a slight moodiness if your E2 crept up. You’ve barely started your cycle so you should be fine. Next time look for straight Test E or C instead of Sust.


Like Yubs said, maybe some moodiness, slightly more water retention (though I doubt it would be noticeable), maybe a little more emotional some days vs others. Don’t worry about it too much this time around. But next cycle go for one ester. Much easier.

The more important thing is blood concentrations rather than how they are released

Are there any scientific info about this

Here we go again. Saying things that are completely false.

About what? The effects of peaks and dips in hormones and the role they play? There is tons of research on this. It’s the reason why most trt docs don’t use 10 day protocols for test E anymore.

If you were to take the time you spend commenting on here and use it to Google search this stuff you’d realize exactly how important it is to minimize extreme dips in hormones. Just because your blood levels are sky high doesn’t mean your not experiencing severe dips.

The best way to minimize these dips is to pin to the schedule of the ester. And guess what?? The easiest esters to pin to are single esters!

Unless your running a crazy amount of gear where dips don’t matter as much then these things are very important

If what you were saying were so true I would have very different energy and feelings during my so far 6 weeks sustanon only cycle

But I have pretty consistent mood energy endurance etc

I didn’t get the boost I was expecting but it is consistent and stable

I am only getting 2x250mg per week

Pinning sus twice a week isn’t the end of the world. It’s not optimal tho. Everyone experiences peaks and dips differently. Altho pinning sus twice a week might not make a difference to you someone who is sensitive to these dips could very well have an issue with this.

Thats all I’m saying just because for you it’s OK it doesn’t make it ok for everyone else.

I run 750mg test/week with no AI. Would I go. Around reccomending everyone do the same thing? No because a good portion of people might need an AI at 750mg/week.

Besides all that what the OP here has is not the common sus. It has more short esters then sus. The best advice someone can give is not

“hey I pin twice a week and I’m fine look at me”

The best advice is to pin on a short ester schedule to avoid any possible issues and in the future get a single ester lile E or C to make life a whole lot simpler

A.) It absolutely is true
B.) You might not even notice it

Both of those things can coexist. Not everyone responds the same. I pin my trt twice a week and have since the beginning. If I made a dramatic change to that schedule I would almost certainly notice it. But if you’re on a cycle and have supraphysiological levels of testosterone you may not notice the difference between 1,300 and 2,000. But if it were the difference between 350 and 1,000 I bet you would. So it’s all relative.


Spot on. Case in point, I recently travelled out of the country with the wife on vacation. I’m on TRT but the only meds I took with me was my Nolva. I decided the hassle of explaining myself to a customs official at either end of our week long trip simply wasn’t worth it (despite having a legit script) if I were to be selected for ‘random’ inspection. We were gone a little over a week (so I missed 2 shots) and I felt absolutely fine. I resumed my protocol as soon as I was back home and everything is fine.