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Different Sessions, Different Supps?


Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you guys take the same supps after plyo sessions for example that you take after lifting sessions?

And how do you supplement, when you do plyos in the AM and lifting in the PM?




for a plyometric workout, i would use a BCAA blend during the workout and if it was only a plyo session, i would have a lot less post workout nutrition. i am assuming you are keeping your foot contacts very low and this session is brief, otherwise you are not maximizing your plyo work and nutrition should be closer a normal weight session.

for the weight training, usually something like Surge or BCAA during and Surge or the poliquin recommended whey isolate/glutamine/glycine mix for post workout.

as for the brain candy supps, before plyo-type workouts, many like something like Power Drive and Caffeine-Free Spike for a very mellow and clear focus as this is not a volume workout to grind through. for the weight workout, more stimulant type supps can be taken to help push those last reps. this would be normal Spike, the Spike Shooter or HOT-ROX Extreme.


And how exactly would you supplement over the day if you would have a plyo session in the morning, and a max-effort lifting session in the evening?

Plus another question since you seem to know supps: Can an athlete take HOT-ROX Extreme during the season? Or do you think it would hinder his ability to show his full potential?