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Different Rates Of Fat Loss?

I know that an overwieght person carries fat behind the abdominal muscles and around the intestines.
Does that particular fat dwindle away at the same time and rate as the gut fat??

I’ve read that visceral fat comes of faster than subcontaneous fat around the midsection. It might be for some people.

I have a friend who is kind of built all over except, he has a big potbelly. The weird thing about it is his belly is hard and he has a six-pack. When he goes up to girls he tells them that he has six-pack abs. Of course, they don’t believe him, then he shows them and the look on their face is priceless. I tried to do the same thing, but I would pull down my pants and show them I pack-six in… nevermind! Let’s just say they aren’t impressed.

My buddy has dieted down and the pot belly is the first to go. The odd thing is his midsection get’s ripped, but the rest of his body doesn’t get as cut as his abs. It seems to me anyways, that visceral fat is easier to lose than subcontaneous fat. Peace Out!

Is the visceral fat the gut (around the belly button) fat?
And the subcontaneous the “under the muscle” fat?
If so, is there any way to speed up the process of subcontaneous fat elimination?


Visceral fat is fat around the intestines,liver, etc. If you’ve seen guys that have a hard pot belly that is visceral fat. Their gut looks distended, but also hard and they carry alot of fat under their abdominal walls.

Subcontaneous fat is fat that is between the muscle and skin. Around the midsection it is squishy and flabby. In some people it may look like cottage cheese (cellulite).

The only way to speed up fat loss in that area, is watching your diet and maybe getting some thermos (HOT-ROX etc.)When I diet down I start to lose fat all over at a steady pace. Then some areas start to lag and some continue at the same pace.

If this information is for you, just keep pluggin away man. That fat will come off sometimes slowly, but surely. Peace Out!

Keep pluggin away is exactly my plan.
I have noticed my gut has started to get sort of flatter, maybe setting a little lower. HOT-ROX will be on the menu when I get paid at the beginning of next month. Thanks for the info and the encouragement. Wifey says that if I look good naked, like I used to, she will lust after me, yahoo!! ;~)