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different prohormone deliveries

Mr. Roberts,
Could you explain the difference between the different forms of methods of pro-hormone delivery? Is the pill form of a 4-AD ester better than a liquid form? Is transdermal the best etc?

Your question is very complicated. Transdermal is effective IMHO for it’s mechanisms are pretty well known and anecdotal evidense shows that they do indeed work. Oral administration is a whole different matter. Liquid substrates can vary, so there is no single pill vs liquid answer. The carbonate ester developed for Biotest by Bill Roberts is reported to not be very lipophillic (fat soluable) although in my tests it seems to disolve quite well in oil as long as it is micronized. Mag-10 uses a water based delivery vehicle with an emulsifier. Ether based PH supplements are definitely lipophillic and would be enhanced by disolving them in oil. Oddly enough, different people seemed to respond differently to lymph based absobtion techniques, so truely everyone is different in their lymph uptake of lipophillic androgens. So, there is no exact science when it comes to uptake of prohormones. Timing is important it would seem, but nothing I have read would indicate the best time to take them for best absorption. This doesn’t probably help much, but I use a variety of delivery meathods to achieve my hormonal goals.


I’d add that transdermal is of particular value when oral bioavailability is very poor, as with 4-AD itself for example, but generally isn’t indicated of oral biovailability is good.