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Different Post Workout Meals


Hey everyone, I'm looking to add some variety to my post workout nutrition(kinda geting old of the "same old").I was wondering what you guys usually eat/drink for your post workout meals. Thanks,Steve.


100-120g Maxim powder and 35g of Whey protein. Before I used this, used to have a very large bowl of cornflakes with skim milk.


I hit the Surge pretty hard after every workout and find that it makes a huge difference.


Dr. Berardi has offered the secret formula... and it works!

Surge, then one hour after:

1 cup oatmeal, raw
1 cup yoghurt (fat free)
1 scoop Grow!
1 banana

beautiful dessert!


3-4 raw eggs, 1-banana, 1-apple, 1- tablespoon of ground flax seed, 1/2 cup raw oats, 1-teaspoon cod liver oil and 1-teaspoon mackeral/sardine oil mix and about 1 litre natural spring water. Mix in blender and enjoy.

Sometimes I may add bee pollen, and ground kelp powder, and substitute organic peanut butter for the eggs.


Well,the problem is I ran out of surge,lol.I only have some whey powder left.


buy more


Mix your whey with Gatorade shake it up and enjoy. Admittedly this can be sort of gross if you have chocolate flavored whey. I use orange whey and orange Gatorade with some creatine thrown in and it tastes great. There is ~200 kcal in the Gatorade-all sugar basically. This helps get the insulin up and I use ~50-60g protein. One to two hours later I eat green stuff and meat.

If you look at the label of Surge this is basically the strategy that they are using: sugar to spike insulin and amino acids (protein) to support anabolism.

Hope this helps.