Different Peptide Abilities

Classes are cancelled today and well…

I was wondering. There are tons of peptides and other chems on research sites and I don’t know what even half of them do. This doesn’t pertain necessarily to bodybuilding, but are there chemicals (OTC or otherwise) that can enhance sight,smelling,hearing, or other feelings/abilities? Are there any that can make one think more clearly or that enhance brain function in some way?

I know we’re all just trying to get bigger and stronger and leaner, but improving the rest of ourselves is not going to hurt! Hopefully some more experienced guys can get in on this and shed some light on some stuff.

What got me thinking this was the peptide Melanotan. Really? A peptide that gives you erections and lets you tan well? There have to be more peptides out there that do some cool stuff.

There’s a MASSIVE thread called “Brain function boosters” and I think a “BFB 2.0” thread, as well.

I’ve been curious about melanotan, as well. I’m pretty sure there’s a thread about that on here, too.

I always thought it’d be cool to have a GH/peptides sticky. :confused: