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Different path

Hi. This is going to make somebody laugh, but…
I live in a country where supplements are considered sort of drugs. BCAA are labeled “DO NOT USE MORE THAN 2 GRAMS/DAY”. Ol’ times when you could walk into a drugstore, ask for Deca-Durabolin and hear “How many?” have gone so far… Now, after a lot of search, I’m able to purchase just and only one stuff supposed more powerful than simple protein: 4-AD. Many times I’ve heard and read that it’s probably the only one pro-hormone that should be considered. Since I don’t have access any more to Androsol (I’ve bought 4 bottles two years ago, and I’ve used two every summer with good results), I can now only buy it in oral form. Many times, again, I’ve read that this isn’t really a big deal, since it doesn’t achieve blood-stream in sufficent quantity and long enough to have a noticeable effect. In medicine, other than injections, oral and transdermal path, there is also the rectal way to administer a medicine. Since I’m 31, I’ve fully lived my teens in the era of “Basic” language, so now I’ll tell you this… IF you’re gonna laugh and make never ending jokes about sticking stuff up to my ass… GOTO END; ELSE read on… ok, I now it might sound pretty naive, but would it be worthy to dissolve the powder of few capsules into a glycerin base (I can buy that) and do what you’ve in mind, avoiding the destruction that liver and gut might act on the 4-AD?
Just to add a few thing, since I’m not a beginner… I’ve used Deca, Primo, Sustanon, even real Masteron and Parabolan, and Esiclene as well, in the old time I’ve mentioned before, when I was 200, 8-9%bf on 5’10" I was looking “almost” big, from an average hard gainer point of view. Now I’m 190, 7%, but I’d like to gain at least one part of that 10s gone muscles.
Forgive my English, enjoy the reading, keep on laughing…

Why don’t you take that 4-AD and shove it up your…wait a minute…nevermind.

Since you can buy 4-AD, can you buy the new 4-AD-EC by Biotest? The liquid delivery system is optimal for oral ingestion and you could avoid trying to do the rear end deal (I have no idea if that would work, but I’m guessing no.)

Next thing you know, this guy will be asking if GROW! bars can better be utilized rectally. Then he’ll be asking Biotest to make a “bigger, fuller” version. Heh heh.

Dick stop acting like one. In medical circles inserting medicine at the other end is more effective. You avoid harmful digestive juices and your lower IG absorbs liquids. So you anal focus not only demonstrates your lack of knowledge, but possible tendances. Next thing you know you will be dancing with purple tele-tubbies.

I’ve been helpin youngsters up their protein consumption rectally for nearly twenty years and mot of them got to be pretty big

Father Ritter!?!?!??!??!?! ROFL

Hey dipshit, it’s called a JOKE. I bet you’re real fun at parties with that winning sense of humor. Now go outside and play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Father ritter…i’m still laughing.

Anyhow, I know that alcohol at least works more efficiently through rectal administration. An old roommate of mine put the contents of an airplane bottle (the little ones) of tequila up his rear and got drunker than cooter brown. We almost took him to the emergency room but decided against it when we remembered that when you drink too much they normally pump your stomach… Anyhow, in retrospect, the worst thing about a tequila enema has to be salting the rim.

If you want to really kick start your energy level, try cool coffee up the bum, as sugguested by that nutrition guru Gary Null. Better yet Red Bull. That will fire you up for a workout. Just don’t squat to soon afterwards. :wink:

Even if this did work, I hope you realize that you’d require 3-4 “applications” per day to keep 4AD levels elevated. Even though absorbtion might be better than oral, it’d require a frequent dosing schedule, just like the oral or sublingual application. Just that it sounds like a pain in the…