Different Oral Testosterone Product Questions

ok so here is my short story,
im older in my late 50s very healthy with no health issues, been working out for almost 2 years now and have been experiencing with sarms for the last 4 months or so with very good results. my test level are low but since the dr thinks its ok to rot on the vine when your in ur late 50s they refuse to even address the issue of increasing my t-levels even slightly. but thats what I would like to do, bring them up slightly not like im 25 again, but just enough to meet more of my goals in the gym. I have looked into injectables but Im going to admit I dont want to do needles! Ive looked into orals or the few that are out there and thought Andriol Testocaps might be a solution but with the mg being so small one would be taking many all day every day and the cost factor would be crazy nuts. literally u would need a bucket full, next I thought Turinabol might also be a good solution but I really want something that doesn’t effect liver issues …so than I went onto Methyltestosterone, which appears to be a good alternative, but I was hoping u could shed so light on this discussion in my head and give me some imput. again im looking for a testosterone
boost, not a t booster of crap herbs. I already take enough of those…
yah u can preach the needle to me all u want but…aint going to happen …yet
and thanks,

Would you be open to using a transdermal testosterone cream?

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Short term yes… long term ehhhh, it’s been used, but induces hepatotoxicity… after 30 years or so on some are found to have hepatocelluar adenoma

Furthermore it impacts lipids fairly extensively (at therapeutic doses like a 30 percent decrease in HDL, 40 percent increase in LDL… response regarding lipids is highly individualistic, some will have far more trouble)… can cause/increase the risk for development of pelisses hepatis, hepatocellular carcinoma etc

Not really worth it… esp given “therapeutic dosages” required (look at mims) are quite high

causes aggressive side effects when dosed for performance enhancement (say 50-100mg daily), extensive acne, water retention are common… as is gynocomastia, increased perspiration and whatnot.

yah might be a good option…its not like im spending the next 5 years hooked on the stuff…
some of these guys have been on some of this stuff for lots of years…issues…

After labs.
Consider working with an experienced doc with compounded testosterone cream.

One that uses Empower Pharmacy because not all T creams are created equal.

There are plenty of compounding pharmacies out there and I am told testosterone cream is not difficult to make.

You ideally shouldn’t spent more than 4-6 weeks on the stuff… You’re looking at replacing testosterone, not a cycle… right? If so, you’ll be on methyl testosterone for the rest of your life… Please don’t use “hooked” either, this implies anabolic steroids are physiologically addictive, to which they aren’t… they’re psychologically addictive

There is a new med out called jatenzo.

yes saw a little about this stuff…if my memory serves me its really not out on the market yet here in the us…approved but not really out… it looks like a real good alternative the mg amounts are sufficient in variable amounts but looks good… just cant find it anywhere