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Different Oil Bases More Efficient?

Im just curious to find out if anyone has any info on this topic. I was told that prop in an ehthyl oleate oil would be a more efficient carrier of the product and therefore more eaisly obsorbed and used by the body. Any turth to this?
Thanks in advance.

Be carefull with that shit man.

Here’s a profile from another board. I’ve never used this to make injectables so I can’t give any personal experiences, but it seems like it wouldn’t cause any health problems or pain. As said, be careful with it. It’s pretty volatile and flammable.

Ethyl oleate is a compound made by attaching an ethyl ester to an oleic acid chain.

You can find the chemical data here. http://www.chemexper.com/index.shtml.../111-62-6.html

It is very thin and almost clear at room temperature. It has a low boiling point for an oil and is flammable, so keep away from direct flame heating methods. It can flash over once it has reached it’s boiling point.

Ethyl oleate is a very expensive compound and not readily available to the public. Often sold by the gram but is a lighter than water liquid, 1ml is about .87g of product.

It has a fairly high capacity as a solvent on it’s own, 50mg/ml of testosterone popionate is readily dissolved with no alcohol. So as a carrier it has great potential for hard to dissolve compounds or high dose compounds.
The most cost effective use would come with mixing it 1:1 with grapeseed oil in your hard to produce home brews. I would not recommend using it with something as simple as 300mg/ml test enanthate, but if you were to make a 400-500mg/ml test blend or single long ester depot it would be a requirement for a pain free shot.

Ethyl oleate also has a reported mild analgesic effect on the site of the depot.

It is a primary ingredient in Viromone Testosteron Propionate.

As far as being a more efficient carrier, sure it is. EO can dissolve quite a bit of steroid with no cosolvents and thus reduce pain from BA, especially in propionate since a pretty high BA concentration is necessary with typical oils.

As far as increasing the availability or efficacy of the steroid, I seriously doubt that. There’s no reason to suspect propionate, or any steroid, in the typically used oils would be unused or destroyed before being absorbed. Think about it, using EO isn’t going to make more compound available, it just makes it less painful for hard to dissolve or high concentration gear.

Not trying to hijack the thread…

Anyone know which oils flow better?

Cotton seed or sesame seed thinner?

Some posts are concerned about filling and injecting times. Also an issue for smaller diameter needles.

I have never used sesame seed oil. I have used cotton seed and grape seed oils. IMO, there’s not that much difference. Grape seed may be a tad thinner, but if you heat the oil before either filtering, or injecting - the differences are not noticeable.

As for EO being expensive - the prices are falling like a rock. It is still more expensive than oil, but EO is getting cheap enough that it won’t be the most expensive part of homebrewing anymore.

Next time I make something - I will be using the EO for sure. Not just for the analgesic properties, but the thinning properties as well.

I have heard that you 100mg/ml prop can be run through a slin pin if made with 100% EO.

Sterile grapeseed oil is the least painful. Thats the only oil my UG uses.

Thanks for the quick responses. Greatly apprecriated and just the information I was looking for. The prop from the UG (Liquatek) lab that I get my stuff from just went up in price a few dollars a jug and this was said to be due to the fact that they are now using this new type of better oil.

I dont ever heat my stuff at all prior to injection and am not home brewing myself, so the low flashover point is not an issue.
thanks again.