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Different Levels of Estradiol Correlated with Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Correlation, yet still interesting.

Ejaculatory dysfunction, including premature ejaculation (PE) and delayed ejaculation (DE), as well as erectile dysfunction (ED), constitute the majority of male sexual dysfunction. Despite a fair amount of data on the role of hormones and erection and ejaculation, it is inconclusive due to controversy in the current literature. To explore the correlation of male sexual dysfunction with hormonal profile, 1,076 men between the ages of 19–60 years (mean: 32.12 years) were included in this retrospective case–control study; 507 were categorized as ED, PE and DE groups. Five hundred and sixty-nine men without sexual dysfunction were enrolled in the control group. The background characteristics and clinical features of the four groups were collected and analyzed. The estradiol value was significantly elevated in the ED group than the control group (109.44 ± 47.14 pmol/L vs. 91.88 ± 27.68 pmol/L; P < 0.001). Conversely, the DE group had significantly lower level of estradiol than control did (70.76 ± 27.20 pmol/L vs. 91.88 ± 27.68 pmol/L; P < 0.001). The PE group had similar level of estradiol (91.73 ± 31.57 pmol/L vs. 91.88 ± 27.68 pmol/L; P = 0.960) but significantly higher level of testosterone (17.23 ± 5.72 nmol/L vs. 15.31 ± 4.31 nmol/L; P < 0.001) compared with the control group. In conclusion, elevated serum testosterone concentration was an independent risk factor for PE. Besides, there was a progressively increasing graded-distribution of estradiol values from DE to PE and ED groups.

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So let’s see if I got this right:

Independent of Testosterone(?) a higher E2 level compared to controls resulted in ED(dick don’t work)

Independent of Testosterone(?) a lower E2 level compared to controls resulted in DE(dick works but takes too long to cum)

If your E2 is the same as controls but your Testo is higher than controls, you get PE(dick works but you cum too fast)

What conclusions can be drawn? It seems that you definitely don’t want really high E2. But also that the ratio of Testosterone to E2 matters unless you’re ok being Dave Chapelle in this bit.

Without getting into it, my experience actually follows that. Never really thought to put it all together.

My current thought would be the elevation of prolactin secondary to the elevation of e2 is a big contributor. Wish they would have also checked that, given PRL is known to be implicated in DE and ED

Pre trt e2: 14
No libido issues, no ED, sex lasted relatively long
First year of trt e2: 24-36
No libido issues, no ED, sex lasted relatively long
Second and third years of trt, e2: 38-48
No libido issues, no Ed, sex lasted relatively long
500mg testosterone, no AI, e2: 78
No libido issues, no Ed, sex lasted relatively long
Current trt/trt+ e2: 46-58
No libido issues, no Ed, sex lasted relatively long

Maybe not everyone is exactly the same.


I agree with relative sexual ability related to E2 levels, my Test dosage has always been 200mg/week along with 600iu of HCG per week. Over the course of many years I have had varying levels of Estradiol. When my E2 was sky high, I was crying at tv commercials, and really bloated. My last blood test showed an E2 level of 8.6, and the erection I got was not really hard-ish, and I was pretty sure it would take forever to finish. After a few days of no Adex ( I was taking 1mg a week) the wind blew and I pitched a sail. I know 8.6 is a little too low, and I don’t really know where my “sweet spot” is. I will reduce my dosage to 3/4mg a week and wait a couple of weeks to see how things go. I used to use liquid adex, and apparently it was under dosed…
So too high E2, difficult to get erection and/or quick shot.Too low of E2 difficult to get erection and takes forever to finish. Slightly above 8.6 and the wind filled my sail for a very short period of time. Adex is the correct medication for me, I just wish wish I could get more access to real-time data. I wish the opening article was in pg/ml, not pmol/l. The conversion is easy i just have to think too much. :slight_smile:

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