Different Kind of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Since about september I’ve had the nerve pain but I hear it’s usually lower back down the whole leg. Mine starts in my buttocks ( right side only ) skips my thigh and goes straight down the side of my right calf and it goes numb along with my foot. It’s at different times but at the same time every day. For a minute when I wake up, in cooking class I stand for an hour and a half so the bus ride back to my other school which is like 5 minutes is killing me. Gym class is the worst, 44 minutes of standing on it is hell. Rest of the day fine even at the gym ( about 3:30 to about 5 ) Any helpful ways to heal this? I miss the squat rack so bad

I’ve got the exact same thing going on right now myself, except it’s on my left side and I’ve got horrible right knee pain from keeping squatting, it’s a compensation pattern.

First, do this warm up, it should provide almost immediate relief. I would also add a rear foot elevated hip stretch as often as you can do it.

as well as this warm up for your upper body.

Now we need to strengthen the upper back with face pulls, band pull aparts, rotator curls, seated row variations and pull downs and chin ups. If you aren’t doing full range chin ups I wouldn’t bother, I don’t do them right now as they aggravate my biceps too much.

Also we need to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings. glute bridges are great, and I’m doing a ton of them right now, as well as gh raise, hyperextensions, leg curls on the machine are fine. banded good mornings.

what routine are you doing right now?

What’s going on is your hips are very tight, so they’re pulling on your glute medius causing pain… the pain you’re getting isn’t the cause, it’s the effect, the cause are the tight hips.

I included upper body work as the hips and shoulders are linked together, so if one is off, generally the other is off too, but if you imrove one, the other generally improves. so it pays to work at both of these.

My word of caution, it would be ok to use a ball to release the knot in your glute medius, but follow it up with glute activation and hamstring work, as well as a hip stretch, or you’ll just make it worse.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions