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Different Kind of Knee pain?

Not too long ago I developed some Patellar Tendonitis in my right knee. I stayed off it for a while, took my fish oil, used my foam roller, and then eased back into activities while wearing a Patellar strap. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

But very recently, I have started to have a new type of pain in my right knee. The first pain was right on the Tibial Tuberosity, where the patellar tendon ends. This pain feels more like it is right in the middle of my knee cap.

It is not a pain as much as it feels almost like a chilling sensation, a slight tingly feeling, that is uncomfortable when I walk.

I think I know what caused it, and I think that it will probably go away if I stay off it for a little while. But I am curious as to what it might be. If anyone has any thoughts, that would be appreciated.