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Different Kind of Disturbing Picture




Clearly the sun has dried out this poor girl. Kind of like a grape turning into a raisin. That is disgusting.


AHHHH!!!!!!... OH GOD I"M BLIND!!!


Disturbing indeed! Would somebody get that poor thing a Grow! Bar?


She'll look great when she fills out after her carb load.


This actually made me feel physically ill.

Do you reckon she can actaully walk? Or did she get carried to the beach for some sun?

Hopefully, either :

she is getting some form of treatement for her condition,

or it's really good photoshop skills.


Look at the background of the pic


so you wouldn't "bone" her?

wow. bad joke.


Quiet, you guys. Don't disturb the rest of a cancer patient. This was taken in a california hospital ground. As a proof, the girl in the background is waiting to have her stomach surgically "stapled" :slightly_smiling:


Nice abs. Wait - maybe those are ribs.

Sadly, there are some guys (if that's what they are called)around here that aspire to the male equivalent of your photo, BFG.

I'm sure she doesn't lift because she's affraid of 'bulking up'.


The sad thing is I bet she thinks she looks good now, or could even stand to lose a bit more. Horribly unappealing and unhealthy, why doo these girls do it to themselves? Why. MEN AREN'T ATTRACTED TO SKELETONS>


Yin and Yang, man. Yin and Yang.


Isn't that Lara Flynn Boyle? Seriously that's very sad. She's definitely in the advanced stages of an eating disorder. Normal skinny girls still don't look like that.


Serious? I heard she was on week 186 of the Velocity Diet.


Is that picutre real? My nuts just went numb.


I wonder how many trips it took her to carry all that crap down there. Or is she with someone? Uggghhhh.....


i'd hit it!

now to go nail my scrot to a pole and set it on fire...


I admit: That's almost enough to make you want to hit the fatties... But not quite.


I don't know. There's a woman who works out at the Gold's where I go, and I see her each weekend. All she does is cardio. I've seen her leave and come back and do more cardio.

She's barely bigger than that. If I were an ambulance-chaser type, I'd be looking hitting up her family and working on a theory of why Gold's should be financially responsible for her condition... Lucky for them I just do corporate.


The girl in the back is thin in all the right places.