Different Injection Location Side Effect? Am I In My Own Head?

Hey guys,

So need some guidance here. Today was shot day for me. This week I have felt amazing. Went to bed last night very late with my girl. Had a massive erection, woke up with massive morning wood. Took my shot around 9am. I had my girl shoot it in my glute because I’m trying to give my quads a break. She has never injected before. The problem is I had her poke the needle too low. It went into the middle of my glute instead of near my hip bone.

Since then I have had absolutely no libido, I got an erection in the shower with her and I felt horny. But then after the shower I no longer felt horny and we didn’t have sex. I have bad anxiety with my shots I have discovered and if I have any doubt about the shot I get really freaked out that I’m gonna feel like crap. Am I in my own head with this ? If so how can I stop this issue ?

I think it’s just in your head honestly. Cause you didn’t do it and think possibly she did it wrong. Truth is people do IM or sub when injecting. Some people even use gels. Just be normal :slight_smile:

This event has you shaken and worried you which is enough to affect you mentally is a very big way.

You should make this easier on yourself and inject using 1 ml insulin syringes rather than mini harpoons. The longer you use these larger syringes, the more it will hurt.

There is no pain to these insulin syringes, you don’t even feel anything.

Yeah the needles I use are pretty long. So there is no chance whatsoever it went into the SQ and I know that. It’s just that if the shot isn’t perfect even when I do or for any reason if I start wondering I start psyching myself out. I feel stupid bro you know what I mean.

It’s possible it went in SQ, even if it did I would still say there is a mental component here and that is stress.I stress out about using my old 18 gauge nails, there were painful as hell and did cause me stress.

If it did go in the SQ will it just absorb slower ? This is my first time trying the glute. My quads are muscular and work great. I just don’t wanna constantly over use them if that makes sense

It’s too soon for you to be affected, especially if your levels have been stable for awhile.

Sometimes SQ absorbed slower, but SQ for me was more intense in the way that I feel, it felt like all testosterone converted to estrogen. Days later it felt like I hadn’t inject T for days, I was clearly experiencing low T.

When I started injecting sub-q I got it in my head that it wasn’t working and that I wasn’t feeling it. Got bloods done and my T was 2000. Amazingly I started feeling like it’s working from that day on. It’s in your head

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Thanks man, that’s what I’m thinking. This isn’t the first time I’ve freaked out over a shot. I just remember what it was like to have low T and I think I’m just paranoid of feeling that way again. So anytime a shot isn’t absolutely perfect I get really tripped out…hopefully it didn’t go SQ. I mean the plunger pushed slowly like it normally does, it didn’t push any quicker so we will see I guess. Going back to quads next week for sure

General answer to “am I in my own head?” is almost always yes. If you have to ask them you usually are.

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Yes, you are. Muscle is muscle, as long as she didn’t hit an artery or nerve, you’re good.

Not sure on that one, if it is in your head then it is real. Just read through the many posts here and you will see you are not alone.

Pretty long is relative. If you are using 1in 23g needles then, in my mind, you are using a small needle. Over six years on TRT, once weekly injections, no problems at all.

I agree this could all be in your head. A somewhat misplaced shot ought not to effect your T levels that much, and I’m certain she didn’t puncture your dick nerve (there’s no such thing, I just made that up). My guess is that the combination of a late night and the anxiety is culprit. You’re going to be OK man. I promise.

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No man, there’s a dick nerve and you can absolutely puncture it. That’s how Houdini died.

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LOL awesome