Different Ideas on Progression

i’hv been training from about 3 months.earlier after my exercise i use to feel the tightness in my body but now it doesn’t happen,i use to start with the heavier weight in the first set an then decrease the weight and increse the repetitions for further sets,but my friend told me that i should increse the weight in each set and decrease the reps,also i am not gaining any muscle,pls advice

Dude, where to begin…

First of all… how the FUCK do you expect anyone to help you not knowing shit about you?

How are you lifting, what does your program look like? And more importantly, what are you eating, how does your nutrition look? And then there’s the whole thing about how old you are, what you weigh, how tall you are and so forth. I mean, nobody’s freakin psychic.

With that said, I’d say you’re doing it upside down. Start light, increase weight and if the program you’ve planned out says so, decrease reps as well. This can also be done when you stall, and can’t use the desired weight for a desired number of reps, but then a deload might be a good idea.

You need to read. You need to learn.

The tightness you are talking about… I’m guessing that’s the pump. It doesn’t have any effect on your results, so fuck it.

What does effect your results, are nutrition and progression. If you don’t eat, your body doesn’t have anything to build muscle from, and slowly but surely, you will start to degenerate and actually lose muscle and fatigue your own self. Also, if you do eat right (which is the number ONE thing to do), but don’t train with a steady progression, you’re body won’t see it fit to improve, and you won’t get anywhere either. And remember, a workout program doesn’t consist of doing curls for 1 hour straight, it consists of compound-movements (in most any case).

Three months is nothing. You haven’t even scratched the surface.

Answer the questions, and you might get some feedback.

My guess is that you’re fucking yourself over like the majority of beginners out there are, due to complete lack of knowledge.