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Different Idea for TRT....Opinions Please!


I’m 25 years old 6’ tall 200 lbs about 15% BF, and after 4-5 years of being exhausted, dealing with brain fog, intermittent sexual issues, poor exercise tolerance & recovery and having every test done under the sun, I am going to finally give in to giving trt a chance. I mostly do moderate intensity yoga and exercise 2-3x a week, and some basic compound movement a few times a month, although I would love to exercise with higher intensity if it didn’t leave me drained for 2 days after. I did maybe 3-4 cycles of oral steroids between the ages of 15-20…I know…I’m sure that has contributed to my current condition, although I did do proper PCT for them.

Over the last the last few years my average readings are as follows:

Test: low 300’s
free test: bottom 1/3 of the range (about the 30% point)
shbg: 15-20
Estradiol (non sensitive): about 16-18
DHT: 25
FSH: 2.5
LH: 3.5
Dhea-s: 300
IGF: 250
Pregnenolone: undetectable both times (doesn’t make sense, and I question the accuracy of this test) Supplementing with 10mg/day also made me feel worse.

-thryoid is at lower end of normal, and t3 made me feel worse.
-cortisol is within range, and hydrocortisone made me worse.
-all other labs (tons of them) have come back normal.

My main concern is that trying TRT might not work (nothing has) and potentially set me back in recovery, but at this point the risks are worth the rewards. My shbg is towards the lower side, and I’m aware that many people in this category struggle, and often don’t see positive results with TRT.

My plan is to start off injecting either Test suspension, or TNE first thing in the morning, starting with 5mg for the first few days, than to 7.5. If I feel better, or atleast not worse, I will do that for a month or so with no AI (but will have on hand along with nolva/hcg) and than get tested to see where I’m at. I’m also curious as to when would be the best time to test after a month. Should I do it in the morning before my shot, or take my shot and than get tested a couple hours later?

The reason I’m going with TNE or suspension, is to more closely mimic the bodies natural production of testosterone, and see if I don’t notice much suppression this way. Depending on how this goes, and if shutdown sets in confirmed by low LH & FSH, I will consider mixing the TNE with a longer ester, and shoot 5mg of each per morning in 1 shot. I’ve not seen this done by anybody before, but it sounds like a good way to keep a nice steady moderate base level, while also allowing a more natural morning spike to occur.

What are your thoughts?


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Please post more labs with ranges.

fasting cholesterol [could be low]
fasting glucose


Ksman, thank you for the info.

I posted most of that info in my first post, but here is the rest:

Prolactin: 9 (middle of range)
cbc: dont feel like typing out…everything pretty normal
hematocrit: mid rage
ast/alt: always low about 17 & 19 average
cholesterol: ldl about 65, hdl about 70, triglycerides around 50
fasting glucose: 73-80

I will be starting my protocol with 5-7.5 mg TNE or test suspension for the first 2 weeks if no adverse effects are noticed, after week 2, I will add 30 mg of toremifene, or 10 mg nolva in the pm. I will have bloodwork taken after 1 month of treatment in the am, prior to the daily injection to see if I am still producing test based of test numbers and lh/fsh…Should be interesting.