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Different HOT-ROX Versions

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the version of HOT-ROX sold on T-Nation and what is sold at GNC? I have 2 pills left and in an act of desperation I bought a bottle from GNC. When I got back to my office I noticed the stripes in the middle of the pill were orange instead of yellow. The the super gel is XXG instead of XXX which is what the label says on my T-Nation bottle.

Also the GNC bottle has Biotest GBX added at the end of the ingredients. Is this a newer or older version? I know for awhile you could get a more extreme version on the T-Nation site but I thought that went away a couple of versions ago.

Dunno if the versions are different, but I remember them mentioning that the versions sold here are slightly more potent.

I would wager that the addition of the theophylline and caffeine in the XXG version result in a more noticeable, longer lasting central nervous system stimulant effect, as most GNC shoppers want to “feel it working.” The product sold through T-Nation is probably has more of its ingredients devoted to lean mass preservation.

Don’t quote me though - I’m piecing all this together from similar questions which have arisen in the past.