Different HOT-ROX Extreme at GNC?

I have a question about GNC’s version of HOT-ROX Extreme. First of all i’ve been using HOT-ROX Extreme for a few months now and needed a new bottle. I didn’t have time to order it online somewhere else being Biotest is out of stock atm so I went to GNC.

Pills looked a little different with a orange stripe instead of yellow on them and noticed instead of just caffeine it contains Biotest GBX (Guarana-Berry extract) containing theophylline and caffeine.

I love the HOT-ROX i’ve been taking and hate to have something else i’m not used to in it. Does anyone know what difference if any this will have on the product. I heard Guarana is stronger then caffeine and not included in the usual bottles i’ve been buying…Will it work better, same, should I return it? I don’t want a crash afterwards or anything. Thanks :slight_smile:

I prefer the version of Hot-Rox Extreme sold through T-Nation, but the truth is that 99% of the population probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these formulas if blindfolded.

All I know is that the HRX sold at GNC is $20 bucks more expensive- so much for saving on shipping.

GNC sucks…don’t help fund that shitty company

Why would someone…ANYONE…shop at GNC?

I used to work there part time when I was in school and that only made me respect the place even less.

Rules for GNC shopping:

  1. Do not trust the cashier.
    Every word uttered aside from, “good afternoon ma’am or sir” is a dirty filthy stinking lie!

  2. Don’t even listen to the cashier.
    It is my firm belief that there are subliminal messages pumped in over the speaker system getting you to buy more St John’s Wort BOGO half off instead of the whey protein you came in for

  3. Don’t even look at the cashier.
    Some salespeople have been fitted with hypnotizing contact lenses that easily ensnare newbies into spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars…on 10 bucks worth of supplements.

I have to second Professor X.
Good advice to follow!!

i bought HRX at gnc once and it was 5 bucks cheaper…i am pretty sure it was the same formula though…

i agree with Prof…they all work on commission and offer you the bullshit products left and right. I usually only buy my multi-vitamin there…

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Why would someone…ANYONE…shop at GNC?


I bought a Spike Shooter once, but that was more or less to hit on the cashier.

Once she opened her mouth and started pushing products, though, I said screw that.

I never knew it was a different formula…damn