Different HIIT Techniques, Let's Hear 'Em

I am doing a pretty big cut, and I’m expirementing with different kinds of HIIT. I dont mind doing LISS cardio, but I know HIIT is more effective. I HATE sprinting, so I have been looking into alternative and interesting HIIT cardio routines. Lets all pitch in our more unique or fun HIIT cardio routines and learn from eachother! I will start it off!

  1. Tabata jump squats! Tabata HIIT is 20 secons of maximum intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest, X8. so it’s a simple 4-minute HIIT session, and can be just as effective as a longer one. It is supported my lots of research as well. I do my tabata with Jump squats!

  2. Farmers walk alternated with incline treadmill! I like to do a farmers walk in the gym with as heavy dumbells as I can for as long as I can. After 60-90 seconds of this, I switch to a 3-5 minute incline walk on the treadmill at maximum incline at 3.5 speed. I repeat this 3-5 times.

What methods do you guys do? I’d really like to add to my list!

***PLEASE do not turn this into a LISS VS. HIIT debate!!! I know some of you prefer LISS and Infact I do more LISS Than HIIT and think both have there place in a balanced routine, so lets leave it at that and keep it to posting HIIT routines!

i like to do 30 secs skip robe + 30 secs kettlebell swing + 10 burpee, rest 60 secs, repeat 3 times !

30 secs farmer walk+ 5 times flip the tire and 10 times throw a ball on the floor explosive, rest and repeat 3 times…

you can create alot of things with what you got in the gym ! i like to do it after my working as cardio / conditionning !

walking stay a really good option too

I’ve tried all sorts from on the bike to sled drags but what I like best is beating the hell out of the bag in 20sec stints, various punch combos, kicks etc, and smashing the 12lb sledge onto a tyre in 20 sec stints in the back yard, just seems satisfying

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Good replies so far guys! Lets keep 'em coming!

Let’s expand from just listing our HIIT methods, and also elaborate on how often we implement our HIIT, how we schedule our nutrition around our HIIT, how far into our cuts we implement our HIIT, and how HIIT effects our recovery and how we work around/with this.

I am currently doing LISS walking fasted every morning for 30 min, and doing a LOW TO MEDIUM intensity interval training post workout, such as a farmer walk or lunges (medium intensity), followed by 3 min maximum incline high speed treadmill walking (medium intensity), followed by 5 min of 10 incline and speed 3.0 treadmill walking(low intensity).

I do this medium-low intensity interval training daily post workout because I Don’t want to overdose on LISS, but I couldn’t recover from HIIT post workout daily. Even lower intensity interval training Is shown to be beneficial compared to plain liss (Although I STRONGLY feel LISS should be included in any serious cut). Science doesn’t back my views on LISS but the personal experience of myself and others does, one of those scenarios where science doesn’t always translate to real life, due to variables and factors that we don’t understand or overlook.

I also do a “REAL” HIIT spring interval session ONCE a week. When I get down to 10% bodyfat ill bump this to once every four days, maybe even once every three days alternating 20 minute sessions with TABATA.

On a side note, do any of you guys do TABATA HIIT? If you haven’t heard of it, look into it! The premise is 20 seconds of absolute maximum effort (Whether this be sprints, jump squats, or whatever), followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times for a 4 minute workout!

Excited to hear all about your guy’s cardio protocols!!

Loving the skip rope - I Really need to buy myself a jump rope! That’s something I would love to implement into my cardio routines!

Go up a hill for work. Go down the hill for rest.

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These work great, technically not intervals but the 2k pushing for a PR is king…

Right at the end of my street I have a track and field full size Olympic style track, and its at the bottom of a big grass hill and has grandstands with tons of stairs!!

So its perfect for walking running or sprinting on the track, hill runs on the grassy hill, and stair on the grandstands. It’s a cardio dream and a 3min walk from my bedroom :smiley:

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You could absolutely implement intervals with this machine though, you CAN implement intervals with anything.

Then you gotta try this!

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