Different Goals for Different Seasons?

Does anyone switch goals depending on season/time of year? Mainly talking seasons. In the warmer months I much prefer to get out and about and surf etc. If I was going to keep the cooler months for building strength and muscle, and in the summer months go to body weight assistance and more cardio based extras, can I just switch over after a deload cycle?

I absolutely still want to keep the 5/3/1 main lifts and at least maintain strength, so I thought that just changing up assistance/supplemental work it would be OK ?

That’s kind of what planning and programming your training does. I don’t know any serious athlete that doesn’t do this in some form.

Thanks jim. It’s probably obvious I’m new to this sorry.

I went from worried about my knee while doing a shaky body weight squat around Christmas last year, to squatting body weight on my back not long ago using the 5/3/1 as my main strength/size exercise. First deadlifts were 60kg, now up to 110kg for 5.

I put other activities on hold this year to strengthen it back up and now it’s much stronger.

Much appreciated