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Different Forms of Winstrol or Stanzalol?


is there a difference of results in winstrol if i either use the capsule tablets or injectable form


Based on pics in your RMP you need food. Not AAS.


its not for me son plus im asking about steroids here not myself


don't start calling people 'son'

especially after I half stood up for you in the rmp forum

tablet/capsule are the same and injectable is still the same hormone but there is a minscule difference in the body in regaurds to SHBG.

now...SON...don't talk like that anymore especially to a knowledgable person on this forum. Imo you own Bonez an apology if you'd expect anymore help around here...


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I remember you.
You need mass.

Eat, you need to take time off from comps and bulk up.


I'm hoping this is another example of your inability to properly speak english.


wait, your that short dude? I remember seeing your post in RMP and wanting to comment on how mean people were being but I didnt bother your a big boy you can stand up for yourself.

you are doing well on your own, tweak your diet and such and really there is no need what so ever for aas for you right now.

face it we all start out asking taboo questions for "our friends"

what drugs work if "my friend" wanted them
is sex with a tranny considered gay if I errr my "friend" thought it was the opposite sex? because my "friend" might be gay
things like that, you are not fooling anyone around here

so please dont start your reputation around here as being a lier, I speak for myself but I am sure liers are one of the un-welcome groups.

maybe explain in a mature manner why you are curious and you may get some more in depth help.

and yes I agree you owe an apology that "son" comment was un called for