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Different Drugs, Same Needle. Safe?


I've been using 1ml/Test Cyp and 1ml/EQ in the same needle, now i hear it's not good to inject cocktails?...Is there any truth to this???


I've never heard that it's problematic. I plan to do it on my next real cycle. Hopefully someone that has experience will post.


i hope not, my friends and i who are or have been on have been doing it.


Not a problem as long as you mix oils with oils...Although some water based and oils are ok depending on amounts so I have found out. (Yes I hate multi injections and have avoided them in lots of cycles.)


Yeah I didn't think it was a problem, but i wanted to hear from some of you guys. and see whats' up


Oh No!


I've done plenty of cocktails with no problem at all!
Namely test-enan with eq.....


No problem, i actully mixed oil and water based in the same syringe, im not saying it's right but I didnt have a problem.


if its amps its ok but if its bottles with rubber tops... it will dull the needle. and that will couse more pain...


haha dude that's why you always put a new needle on before you poke, Tell me you always change your needle?


Ive been mixing oils with oils and with waters i dont think it matters, they are all going in anyway. When doing Prop i never experienced pain but also had it watered down (meaning cocktailed so i wouldnt feel pain anyway). Also when doing the injection rubber top, vial or anything, the need gets dulled if anything vials are much worse on the sharp tips of a syringe needle. But reccomend use a 22G to withdrawl(load) then switch needles to 25g to inject.

This is the norm i hope this helps people.


It's all good unless you use more than 4 cc in the same injection spot.


You should change the needle even if you pull from an amp, when you get to the bottom of the amp your dulling the tip of the pin.


i mix 1.7 cc prop and 1 cc deca in the same syringe and switch the needle with no problems but if im just doing the test its only one extra poke i dont find its that dull.


No problem mixing gear together. I've done it for years.


Sustanon and Omnadren work well together.


When I first started out, I mixed Andropen with Test E. Worked well.

J.Rocker, that's an impressive back shot. Good work.


i do... the q. was could he use both in one needle..