Different Deadlift Form?

So I was at the gym yesterday and saw these two guys doing deadlifts. Amazing, yes, but also perplexing: they’d place their feet about twice shoulder-width, hands about twelve inches apart on the bar, and try to burst a blood vessel pulling all of two hundred pounds. And then they cut their workout short because the bar is scraping all the skin off their knees due to the super-wide stance.

Is this a legitimate form for deadlift, or can I feel free to laugh at them? (I searched exrx and couldn’t find anything like what they did.)

Sounds like they did sumo deads.

Those sound like sumo deads. I put my feet about an inch from the plates (but then I’m 6’6".) I can DL 100# more going sumo vs conventional. Don’t laugh, give them a try. Conventional PLers will often do sumo for a while, just to hit the muscles a little different.

Thanks guys! I learn something on this website every day.

wear some soccer shin guards or something to stop the knurling taking your skin.