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Different Day Different Area


What if I wanted to do full body work outs five days a week, but lets say for example I did a different exercise for each muscle group each day (as follows)
Day1-Flat Bench
wide grip rows
back squat
overhead press
Day2-incline press
narrow grip row
front squat
lateral raises
Lat pulls
Leg Ext
Leg curls
front lateral raises

Do you see what I am getting at? Would it still be overtraining to work different areas on different days (in a row)or does this just sound like a load of crappoleon?


I suggest you look into Chad Waterbury's total body training programs. Here's one example:



I agree on the looking at TBT but the program itself looks good to me not knowing the sets reps etc.. you plan.

I say give it a go. If your overtraining then look at the parameters and or your work capacity.