Different Cycles for Cutting/Bulking

Hi Guys

I know how to put together basic cycles, but im looking for interesting/different multi-compound cycles - for cutting and bulking.

Anyone got any ideas?


Any good “bulking” cycle is also good for cutting and is as good as a “cutting” cycle if estrogen levels are kept low-normal in either case.

Testosterone + AI is fabulous.


Im actually looking for interesting compound combinations…
Anyone know of any good URL’s?


You want an interesting combination?

Well, try stacking mibolerone with clostebol (use some HCG as well as both are non-aromatizing).

It’s unlikely to be any sort of particularly GOOD plan – or quite possibly downright annoying: I would not want to do it myself – but it will be interesting as it probably has never been done before.

Or you could pursue the grail of many, the oral-only cycle, with an experiment of Anadrol plus Oral Turinabol. Might actually work pretty well. Again you’d need a little HCG for same reason.

Again, not one of the best plans out there, but interesting.

If you’d rather take it easier on your liver than that, Anadrol plus Masteron (again with a little HCG) would be interesting. That is one I’d consider worth trying myself, but have not.

(By a little HCG, I mean no more than 100 or 125 IU/day, or 200-250 every other day, or 250 3x/week if using an AI at a dose that keeps estrogen to low-normal under normal conditions while having normal testosterone; or half these amounts if using no AI.)

Or simpler, but maybe (probably) someone has done this but I don’t know of it, Masteron plus Dianabol. That would be another probably-good plan. It would be better to have an AI in this instance.

So there are some interesting ideas for you.

But most prefer proven plans.