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Different Countries = Different Techniques??


So recently I've been getting into Oly Lifting. But I noticed something yesterday while watching a lot of videos online.

Different lifters from different countries say different things and seem to be using different techniques!

-Russians seem to push the bar into the hip area using the arms and slide their feet instead of jumping really high.
-Chinese seem to initiate more hip contact (hump the bar).
-Americans seem to do more of a "shrug" at the top.

Now this could just be my beginner eyes playing tricks on me, but do any of you more experienced lifters agree with this?

For example when I'm snatching, I don't "pull" with my traps. I literally push the bar into my hip and let my elbows shoot up my sides, and once the bar is right about my sternum, I drop and extend my arms and stand up. Now, I for sure feel it in my traps during that pull, but I would say they are "loose" in a way.

I'm only asking this because the way I'm teaching myself these lifts is by watching elite lifters and trying to mimic their form. I can slow down the video so I can watch them frame by frame. Now I know different body types will alter the form a bit but I want to make sure I'm doing things the right way. Personally I watch a lot of Russian lifters.


Yes they describe things differently. Your descriptions are flawed, however. I’ve seen plenty of Americans/Europeans pull like Russians and Chinese, and plenty of Russians jump a foot off the floor. Just look at Apti or Akkaev.

Also, do not try and mimic the form of the elite lifters. Watch some tutorial videos and get some good books on the lifts. Gregg Everett’s book on Olympic Weightlifting for Coaches and Athletes, Tommy Kono’s first book, and the Russian Training manuals (translated) are all very good. And yes, your beginner eyes will deceive you. You haven’t spent the time learning and doing to know what you’re seeing.