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Different Booze, Different Drunk?


Just wondering if it's a myth or not that different drinks make you feel different. Like wine drunk and beer drunk and vodka etc.

I'm leaning toward it being a myth, but would like to hear from you guys.

Maybe the different feeling comes from the situation. I'll drink beer on a hot day after exercise, thus my mind may be in a more light-hearted mood. Not that I'm all somber and moody when I have whiskey, but I'm more apt to have whiskey on a Wednesday or Thursday night sitting at home.
And I'm not talking about getting shit-faced.

PS: I'll leave with this joke:

Why didn't Hitler drink vodka?

It made him all mean.


I've found this to be true.
I think it may have to do with the percent differences, and purities. With the differences in percent, I think(and I may be wrong on this) that because beverages with lower alcohol percentages will have more water, that they don't 'dry' you out as much as harder stuff may.
For me, wine is the perfect blend. Nice conversational buzz, little-to-no hang over unless I overindulge.


I've also found that ZMA helps with a hangover as well. I figure it must be the electrolyte(Mg)


ONLY difference in a buzz for me is with Wine. For some reason wine makes me sleepy as fuck, all I wanna do is grab a blanket and crash out. All other booze get me wound up for fucking or fighting.


Wine gives me a headache. Vodka nothing particular. Whiskey mellows me out and not in a good way.

I generally do not drink.


I don't personally find this to be true.

A lot of people say cider + certain spirits get them a different kind of drunk though.....I'm tempted to say it's mostly psychosomatic.....though, I would imagine their must be some truth to it.



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Too much wine puts me to sleep.

Like actually sleepy, not passing out drunk.

Doesnt happen from beer or liquor


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Of course different drugs give different effects but alcohol is the same drug as alcohol. This is silly.


i get better pumps off the orange noxplode than the fruit punch


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More of a coffee man. That stuff always delivers with consistent results.


Unless you are drinking 100% alcohol your post does not make sense.


Never noticed a difference in drunk feeling, only varying intensities of hangover symptoms.

Beer and whisky annihilate me.

Vodka and tequila I don't feel so bad.


To answer the thread, not sure if different booze gives different drunk. I'd guess it probably does, but environment and mood beforehand probably plays a bigger role...That said, I made a conscious effort to buy a lot of tequila for new years eve.


Those toxins aren't alcohol though. You could put LSD in a Budweiser and catch a much different buzz than a plain miller lite would give.


Alcohol is alcohol. Obviously different impurities and methods of preparation and distillation will have their own effects, most notably severity of hangovers. For example, a pint of top-shelf vodka will not produce as severe a hangover as an equal amount of mediocre dark rum.

If anything, the differences are subtle or negligible, as far as 'drunks' or highs are concerned. Mostly people are talking about differing amounts of alcohol. When they say 'vodka makes me blackout' they fail to realize they're simply drinking more alcohol than their usual, more strongly flavored bourbon. Tequila doesn't get you 'higher' than whiskey, you just drink it faster. Wine doesn't make you more 'mellow' than gin, it's just not as alcoholic.

One can't draw any conclusions until amounts of alcohol consumed are equal. If six ounces of eighty proof tequila has a different effect on you than six ounces of eighty proof vodka taken in the same amount of time, I call bullshit. Thing is, no one pays attention to that sort of thing. It's just 'tequila fucks me up, bro'. No shit, you drank the whole bottle, fucktard.

/end rant


Note I wasn't directing my post at anyone in this thread. I didn't see Push mention tequila or whiskey until I posted.