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Different Body Types???

Can someone tell me what the different body types are, like ectomorph and mesomorph and all those and what the characteristics are for each body type? Or direct me to an article or post that states the different types. Thanks

Ectomorph is the skinny, lanky type. They have low body fat and have a hard time getting big.

Endomorph is the thickboned person with higher bodyfat. They can bulk-up pretty easily, but they’re prone to getting fat.

Mesomorph - that’s who everyone wants to be. Medium-low bodyfat, pretty muscular even without working out…

WARNING! These are merely achitypes. The overwhelming majority of population is of mixed body types. True ecto/meso/endo-morphs are pretty rare. Most of the time people are a mix of two or even all three types. Everyone has to figure themselves out through training. And whatever your body type is, you’ll have to work with what you’ve got.