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Different Assistance Templates or Upper/Lower to Favor Lower Body?


Currently doing 2 days a week with FSL. My main focus has always been lower body, due to an old knee injury. My upper body lifts are going fine though I was wondering if my lower body is my priority, could I do FSL for my lower body excercise, but then for upper body, just stick with I ain’t doing jack shit?.

I find doing 2 main lifts plus FSL for both lifts on the same day intense, and while there’s a few days in between I’m soon going to adding some boxing training in between the 2 lifting days so I thought i could just stick to main lifts for upper body.



I’m sure that would be fine.


I’m actually going the other way. I want to emphasize my upper body and shift some mass back to my shoulders and chest (muscle migration theory). I’m doing a BBB approach for upper body days and nothing extra on lower body days. We’ll see how it goes.