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Different Approach

I’m a freshman in college who has been lifting seriously for 4 years. I’m currently following TTT, with the goal of staying around 9-10% bodyfat, building a balanced foundation, and then packing it with mass. I really like this program and I think its working out for me. I was just wondering about what you guys thought an approach like this to follow the TTT:
4-6 weeks of pure strength training with low reps and heavy weight, with speed days mixed in between. Followed then by 4-6 weeks of a program designed with maximal hypertrophy in mind. Very high reps with fewer sets. It seems like the strength part would kind of even out any remaining imbalances and set a good foundation for the hypertrophy phase, which would also shock the muscles from the past routine. Do you think this is a productive way to go about things? I know there is no single, best approach, but what are some of the drawbacks of this particular, general approach? It seems like most programs tend to stay in the middle ground, with strength focused days and hypertrophy focused days mixed within a week.