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Different Adex Dosage to Get to Sweet Spot

I was on trt for a month and started feeling off (56 mg t / 350 iu hgc every 3rd day) . got my e2 tested and it was 66. (sorry i dont have the units in front of me.) doc put me on 1 mg adex. first time i took 1 mg, several hours later, i felt what people call the sweet spot. I felt great. and then the e2 must have kept dropping. So for the past several weeks i have been trying to find the sweet spot again. I found it at .5 mg the day after shots. same feeling for 2 or 3 days. I tried the same protocol for the next 3 shots and didnt get the sweet spot feeling again - but felt pretty good. playing around again and one shot i didnt take any adex and felt the sweet spot again for 3 days. then i took the next injection and felt the water retention again. so i took a 1/4 mg. and i felt the sweet spot again. next several shots, took .25mg and didnt get the sweet spot again. but feel good.

once people get dialed in, do you feel the sweet spot every time? Does anyone go by how they feel and adjust the dose that way?

I did lose about 8 lbs since i started adex, but have been holding steady for the last 4 weeks and the same protocol is having different effects. Are there just that many external variable that effect e2? Once i can get the sweet spot dialed in, I will go get my e2 checked. but i am more looking for the feeling than a number.

Your post gave me a headache! The point of a protocol is to find one that gives you good T and E2 numbers and feeling over the long haul. You will NEVER find that protocol the way you’re going.

Stick to one protocol for a month and run labs. Make adjustments and re test in a month. Wash and repeat until you get dialed in. Then cruise.

No one gets that sweet spot feeling you’re looking for 24/7.

1mg for that little test is way too much. I would imagine you felt terrible after taking 1mg. I would try .25mg every third day, the day after your shot. And do that for a month and get labs taken and go from there. Eventually you can start to feel the difference of high vs low E, but the symptoms of each can be similar.

I agree, that’s a pipe dream. Best you can do is optimize your body and keep your libido easily stimulated (there’s more to libido than just testosterone and estrogen).

You need to get on ONE protocol and follow it for a month. Get labs done then and report back with that information. With those numbers you can strategize a plan of attack to keep your estrogen “optimal”.

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thanks for the info. I will stick with .25.

i have read people taking it the day before the shot, same time as shot, day after (what i currently do).

What are people’s preferences?

I take mine when I do the injection. Just easier to remember.