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Different Ab Exercise Every Workout


i have got pretty good developed abs already but i want to be better

i lift 3 days a week. after each workout (almost only compound exercises) i plan to do 1 ab exercise (3 sets, usually weighted). every workout = different ab exercise.

for example:

monday: haning leg raises 3x12
wednesday: weighted crunches 3x12
friday: decline crnuches 3xMax

2nd week:

monday: russian twist 3x12
wednesday: wieghetd bicycle crunches 3x12
friday: weighetd crunches 3x12

wthat do you think about that approach? i simply dont want my abs to get used to exercises. and 3-5 min for abs after each heavy weights workout seems reasonable


Looks like a winner.

Let us know how that PX90 type of work out is for you in a couple of months.

Btw, ever thought of working your whole body?


^^^he said this would be done after his typical lifting routine, not in place of.


What are your goals with ab training? Not to be a stick in the mud, but I've found that the best abs are made in the kitchen, not through ab training. In fact most isolated ab exercises are inferior to heavy squats and weighted chin-ups for developing a strong core.


I read what he said. But this, for me, is the equivalent of working out the biceps or triceps or choose one muscle to overwork because you "feel" it's lagging. Pure curiosity on my part.

And yes, abs are made in the kitchen.


the difference is that abs tend to recover much faster than other muscle groups. adding in extra volume isn't the worst idea ever, especially if having hawt abzz is gonna keep someone motivated to continue lifting. i'm guessing he wouldn't be nearly the only person on these boards who likes to throw in some extra ab work after their other sessions.


Yeah, that's why I asked what his goals are. I mean, throwing in some extra sets could be good if you have a specific reason, maybe your deadlift is failing because your core isn't strong enough to keep the lower lumbar locked, etc. There are plenty of legit reasons for it. But if it's just cosmetic, I think doing the heavy movements is enough, along with a solid diet.


Get 5% bodyfat. Why are you trying to make your abs and waist bigger?


This is a little off-topic, but I have been dying to ask this question. Is a six-pack set of abs a six-pack when you're not flexing it, or when you are flexing it? Because relaxed I can barely see the divider lines in my abs, but when I flex them I look like a Calvin Klein underwear model.


In general, an unflexed six-pack should look like a turtle shell. But if you are super lean (ie: 5-6% body fat) you'll see pretty extreme separation in the abs regardless of whether or not you are flexing.