Differences in Post Workout Drinks

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey / Metabolic Drive / Surge

i am currently using ON whey but have been hearing many good things about both Metabolic Drive and Surge as well, any comments on the differences?


Well Surge is the only already ready post workout drink you have in those options. ON whey you’d have to add your carb source and Metabolic Drive is more of an anytime besides post workout protein powder.

Surge is your best bet, its got the precise carb protien ratio you need after a muscle breaking work outnot to mention the amino acids in there!! Order off this site and you wont be disapointed at all trust me!! The price is great the smell is great and the taset is awsome in raspberry flava…best PW drink ever and its composed by cutting edge nutritioniste John my man Berardi, need i say more?

I think Elite whey is just as good and costs a bit less than optimum

i should probably add that my goals are to gain weight and strength if that changes anything