Differences in Foot Placement on Leg Press

Ell, Following on from some of the recommendations in the Surge Challenge I just wondered what your thoughts were on foot placement on a leg press… high / low? wide / narrow? Does it make too much difference?

Foot position can have a tremendous determination of what part of the thigh is most engaged.

1.Low is too stressful for my patella tendon.
2. Moderate height seems reasonable.
3. High placement target the hamstrings more than the above two, and is very easy on the patella tendons.
4. Narrow width I don’t normally do, but I did do them as the second pump exercise of the Leg Block (Surge Challenge)
5. Normal width I use as my go-to leg press foot position.
6. Fairly wide with my toes and knees as close to 180 degrees from each other was my second leg press foot position after my normal width sets. It takes a lot of hip out of the movement and places a lot on the inner thighs. This was the first pump exercise of the Leg Block (Surge Challenge.) If you want to incorporate this exercise into your program you need to start light; you will feel much stress on you groin.