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Differences In Biotest Proteins?


OK, the answer to this might be: it's so ridculous that it's not even worth wondering about, but:

As I understand caesin is a slower-acting form of protein than the standard whey kind (taking 4ish hours to be absorbed as opposed to 1ish).

I see that there are a couple different types: micellar caesin and calcium caesinate.

What's the difference between the two?

Now about good ol' whey, I understand that there are a couple different types, namely isolate and concentrate with isolate being "better." From what I understood, the difference is they are absorbed differently (that is, isolate relatively quickly (hourish) and concentrate takes a litte longer.

Then again, I've read that concentrate is mostly useless as its bioavailability is rather low and therefore practically useless.

But, I note that Grow! uses only concentrate, while Metabolic Drive has both isolate and concentrate.

Given that Metabolic Drive also has micellar caesin, does this make Metabolic Drive a better product than Grow!?

Is my understanding of these different types of proteins more or less correct?


Your casien question is easiest answered by reading the Metabolic Drive product thread and Special Announcement on the product. No need in me or anyone trying to explain what Is so nicely covered their. It simply a better form of casien that has Minimal processing leaving the whoole fragile components intact etc.

Whey all those are various types of processing once again. Some using heat some not, Some that remove more of the impurities but may harm some of the fractrions some that may not. More and less lactose. Faster/slower digestion.

Grow! and Metabolic Drive. Apples and Oranges and both are great products for what they are. One being a Low Carb protein supp and the Other a more traditional MRP with carbs.

Other than that a search function will be your best friend both here and google there is a TON of info you could read to explain all the various proteins and it would take a LOAD of posting.