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Differences Between Oxiracetam and Aniracetam


Basically, I've been following BBB's nootropic cocktail with noticeable success. :slight_smile: As far as racetams go, I have both aniracetam and oxiracetam. In some post a while back, which of course I can no longer find, I think I recall BBB stating that oxi is better for memorization, whereas ani is better for learning concepts. Am I remembering correctly? I'm currently using ani before attending lectures and oxi before study sessions. Does this sound like a good approach, or could it be improved?


The thread is in the supps forum.

do a google search


I use ani everyday (along with vinpo and DMAE), and oxi before study sessions.

IIRC, BBB said he wouldn't use a "racetam" without a supplement to replace choline levels, ie: DMAE or Alpha-GPC.


Thanks RRJC. :slight_smile: I use DMAE along with some other ingredients BBB recommended. I'm just fine-tuning my racetam use at this point.

Apologies for posting in the wrong forum. I didn't know if BBB was active in the other forums, but now that you mention it I do see that the Brain Boosters thread is actually over there.


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Well, I don't have an unlimited budget of course haha, BUT I am very good at prioritizing and economizing my funds in other areas to allow for lots of fun nootropic experiments. :stuck_out_tongue: What would recommend as a combo dose? Do I scale back on either racetam a bit, or use a standard dose of both and combine them?

Also BBB, thanks a lot for all the info you've brought to the boards in regards to nootropics. I had a really rough class last term (required TONS of memorization of mundane stats and figures), but once I applied my same study habits with the addition of oxi it became waaaay easier to recall information. I do believe I got the highest score in the class on the final exam. :slight_smile:


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I will try this leading up to my first round of exams and report back. I'm eager to see what kind of results I get, since oxi and ani on their own have served quite well.


Oh, and I assume for actual exams (and presentations) ani solo is still the best? Maybe throw in some bacopa? Damn jitters. :stuck_out_tongue:


BBB, could you lay out what you'd consider the optimal nootropic stack? Budget isn't so much an issue, though I'm limited to things I can obtain quasi-legally. Prescription only stuff is off the table, but I'm open to research chem stuff. I recently tracked down Adrafinil, but I don't how you feel about that. Personally, I thought it might be useful for writing long papers or all-day "cram" sessions.

Here is my current stack. I take this 3 times per day with food.
DMAE: 500-750mg
Vinpo: 30mg
Aniracetam: 750mg
I've been adding in a dose of Oxi (800mg) with my morning dose, which is prior to my classes. I will sometimes also add or sub Oxi prior to a study session.

Would you suggest any alterations or additions to this?


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Since you are the resident authority on noops here, ever think about doing an article or extended forum post consolidating all of the thoughts that you have contributed on the three threads? Sifting through hundreds of pages of posts for a nugget of info is frustrating to say the least. I'd rather hear it straight from the source! :slight_smile:


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