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Difference Using Adex?


So, I'm just curious if any of you have done similar cycles but in case used Adex and in the other scenario didn't. Was there a noticeable difference in gains/bloat/etc?


Although I'm not proned to gyno at a dose of 500 mg of test a week, i did notice a I'm less bloated, my face is not as puffy along with the rest of my body. I am using provrion along with the adex. When i wasn't using adex, i was very bloated.


So I was thinking about this last night. Since most people opt to use nolva/clomid or both for PCT they address the issue of estrogen binding to receptors. However if you were to run adex for the last 7-8 weeks of your cycle youd effectively reduce the excess estrogen in your system right?

By the time you get on nolva and clomid your still not producing your own test but the levels of estrogen are likely much less than someone who hasnt used adex. Would this actually help with sides/loss of gains during the 3-4 week window following a cycle? Of course one would still use a nolva/clomid regimen for PCT, but would using adex actually make the PCT a bit more bearable/effective?
I'm just curious as to what your guys thoughts are.


What about your gains?


I like adex much better than nolva for estrogen control during cycles. I have less bloat and can get away with .25mg a week of adex, whereas it would usually take 20mg of nolva. I always think that less is best when following any drug related cycle, as long as the effects are comparable.

I have less bloat, thus better endurance and better training sessions.

As for PCT, I use adex for the first week, along with nolva and clomid. Then, swap to clomid and nolva only for 4-6 weeks (depending on cycle lenght). I am always able to maintain my gains, I usually drop about 5-8 lbs of water once I conclude the cycle.