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difference in tests

even though test ethanate and cypionate are both considered medium length tests, but i was just wondering if anybody knows any signifacant differences between the two. i like the ethenate 250, but my partner swears that the cypionate 200 is better. oh yeah, both brands are qv

No “significant” differences between the two. Only a couple minor differences, and they’re obvious. Use whatever you like better.

500mgs of cyp will not produce any more results than 500mgs of Enanthate. The half lives are too similar. Basically, your friend does not know what he is talking about. Both brands are QV, correct?? Yet he is saying that 200mgs of cyp is more effective than 250mgs of Enanthate?? Hmmm…

Isn’t cyp slightly shorter acting? I thought the shorter the ester the more actual hormone gets into the body.