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Difference in Test. Meds


So for awhile I was on 100mg testosterone and clomid. I felt awesome but had problems with energy. I was taken of the clomid and my t. dose was increased. So now I felt pretty good, had tons of energy, seriously I been going for 4 mile walks on days off from the gym. My tt is actually lower than when I was on the clomid and t.

So basically it looks like this,
1.Clomid and T = feel very very good, sex drive real high, low energy tt range 300-800 is 895
2.Increased t(150mg x wk.) feel pretty good, High energy, sex drive mod,
Mood is pretty good. tt range 300-800 is 815

So it's been about 1.5 months and thats where I still stand. I adjust my adex myself. So the question I ask myself is why the difference and if I had to pick one which would I pick? I'm not sure to honest, probably the way I feel now since not being fatigued all the time is awesome. Best case scenario would to have one and two together.

I have some clomid left over and am going to start taking it and see if I get the combined effects. Problem is that my endo isn't going to put me on Hgc and T, he considers it reproduction drug and thats that. I can't really find any lit.or studies to present to him to try to convince him.


This is what I provided my Dr. He’s currently reading it, so no feedback yet. It will answer the Q’s you are looking toward. Good Luck Rapt!




No I actually need studies, research. No way my endo is going to consider any info from a DO or one of these longevity guys. I haven’t really found anything in that criteria for Hcg